Just like you, I have dreams. Dreams to achieve great success, to build immense wealth, to lead people, to build brands that serve the world, to have a happy family and to help as many people as I possibly can.

Before I go on any further, let me introduce myself. My name is Rohin and these pictures that you see in the collage are some of the dreams I have. Now you may have dreams that similar to mine or some that are completely different. In any case we have something in common. I suffer from a series of problems inside my head. Problems like procrastination, self doubt, fear, laziness, unproductively and other problems along those lines.

And I often wonder that how did these people who have made it, make it?

Like we all more or less know what it takes, like you wake up early, read books, exercise, work hard, study hard, stay focused and various other things that we keep on hearing. There are enough videos on YouTube that talk about all this. But for some reason even after we know all this, there is something that stops us from getting what we want.

I mean… at least it is stopping me.

So a few years back when I graduated from high school I stumbled upon this question ‘How do I get what it takes?’.

What I mean by this question is that how do I get the discipline, the persistence, the passion, the motivation and the energy that all that the most successful have to get what it takes? and more importantly how did they get all that it took? This is one of those questions that even Google has no answer to. This question however is so important, because once you understand how to get what it takes, you basically have what it takes.

Now if you are reading this and thinking that I am going to give you the answer to this question and solve all the worries you have.

I am sorry, you’re wrong.

I’m just a 20 year old trying to get through university and you cannot expect me to have these wise answers. But hold on! What I do have here is the determination to find the answers to this.

When I initially thought of this question, I thought that I will one day write a book about it. However what I have recently discovered that the first step to get what it takes is to not wait.

So here I am, sharing my journey in finding the answer to this question step by step. So follow me on this journey.

A couple times each month I will post a blog about self development, productivity, growth, entrepreneurship, money, business and marketing. Sometimes I will also write about instances along these lines that get me thinking, maybe a discussion in class, something I read or maybe an interesting conversation I have with someone. Anything that brings value to both you and me; and addresses our question in some way or another.

Thank you very much for reading till this very end. If you find my topic interesting please keep coming back to my website and connect with me on my social media to stay updated when I post next!


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